Welcome to Germany

The Ministry of Federal Education has strongly supported the development of IJSO in Germany during the past decade. Primarily this commitment made hosting IJSO in Frankfurt happen. We are grateful to introduce Anja Karliczek, appointed Federal Minister of Education and Research and member of the government of Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel, to welcome our international guests.

Dear Members of the IJSO Family,

As the British author and scientist Charles Percy Snow once said, "Scientists have the future in their bones". Indeed, the findings of natural science will determine our future. A good knowledge of biology, chemistry, physics and the environment provides us with the best possible basis for actively contributing to societal development and progress.

The world is changing rapidly and we are confronted with major challenges. Being a scientist means continuing to explore things from different perspectives, never being satisfied with what you know and understand. We want to see more young people adopting this view and taking a keen interest in the natural sciences. For many years, we have been working to make them aware of the world of science and what it has to offer. With its interdisciplinary profile, the International Junior Science Olympiad is of special importance in this respect as it addresses the under-15 age group.

We are therefore delighted to host the Olympiad in December 2020 and to welcome 300 bright young talents and their mentors from 50 participating nations around the globe. We want to provide a fair and challenging competition and help ensure that you enjoy your time in Germany. Make the most of this opportunity to meet people from all over the world who share your enthusiasm for science. We look forward to celebrating this big event with you, sharing the memorable experiences and inspiring encounters that only Olympiads are able to offer.

Anja Karliczek
Member of the German Bundestag
Federal Minister of Education and Research