IJSO 2020 from

Filming with Ralph Caspers

Students at the Riedberg high school are part of it

Ralph Caspers is well known in Germany for the TV Shows "Knowledge makes Ah!" or "Quarks". The students at Riedberg Gymnasium were correspondingly excited to be part of shooting the image film for the IJSO2020 together with him. The school management was very open-minded and made it possible that scenes could be shot in a chemistry class. With the active support of the supervising teacher, experiments were set up and carried out while the professionals from Mainfilm Filmproduktion Frankfurt got down to work. It was exciting for everyone to watch how often the flap fell, until every detail was in place and the shoot was completed. But the patience paid off, and the film was very well received at its premiere in Doha.

You can watch the result right here:

IJSO2020 image film with Ralph Caspers